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Whether you operate a Freight or Passenger fleet, JOBehaviors Transportation Services has the tools you need to hire and retain the best drivers and support staff. Companies across the nation depend on our job-spefic pre-hire assessments to make strategic recruiting decisions. Every assessment above is engineered with insight from top professionals in each field.

JOBehaviors 5-star Applicant Rating System

JOBehaviors pre-hire assessments allow companies to cherry-pick the very best candidates from their applicant pool before ever having to review an application. Arm yourself with an objective, easy-to-use talent screening tool that instantly compares applicants to your very best employees. Save time and money by pursuing only the best from the very beginning.

Easy to implement: Applicants complete a 12-minute online assessment that delivers an instant report to your hiring managers and applicant tracking system (Tenstreet, EBE, etc.).

Easy to interpret: Applicants who score 3 to 5 stars earn the right to move forward in your hiring process.

Hire Smart: Discover hidden talent with an objective, predictive screening process.

Hire Confident: Whether applicants are seasoned drivers or fresh out of training school, JOBehaviors gives your recruiting team instant recommendations to target high potential candidates.

Hire Safe: Our clients report a minimum 12% reduction in accidents from drivers hired using JOBehaviors Transportation Services assessments.

Candidate-to-hire ratios

In addition, placing the JOBehaviors assessment in first position results in as much as
a 90% reduction in the number of applicants necessary to meet your recruiting needs.

Join the Revolution in Truck Driver Retention
ATA reports that the industry’s largest carriers annualized driver turnover peaked at 106% in Q2 and averaged 83% last year. Meanwhile, our customers experienced nearly the opposite: with annual retention rates averaging 78% for new hires screened with the JOBehaviors Long Haul Truck Driver assessment.

What does that mean for a company with 100 drivers? Let’s take a look:

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